Oracle shuts down  the “Information Age” for its labor union in France

Oracle France has launched an action in justice against its main labor union delegates in France.

They are requested to delete and refuse any subscription from Oracle Employees internal email adresses on an external yahoogroups ™ private forum.

Employees may register with their private email addresses but no labor union emails shall ever penetrate employees professional mailboxes, under a penalty of 100 Euros per email.

The labor union used to communicate with 450 employees who subscribed to the yahoogroups vos-droits-oracle forum since 2001.

In order to prevent, inappropriate information disclosure, the labor union has been rejecting non professional email addresses for 3 years.

However, in Aug 2004, taking the opportunity of a French brand new text law emphasizing the need to negotiate labor union access to the internal intranet, Oracle France played its own interpretation, deciding to reject any agreement. The management then requested the shutdown of all internal labor union e-facilities, including external forum remailing.

The text of law was intended to prevent trade union spam, and internal information system disruption.

As the management indicated in its case, respecting labor union freedom, the information content is not a problem, however the information media is, and it shall not penetrate Oracle Internal Systems borders.

(Should it be understood that the monthly labor union emails to 450 employees might be a very serious threat to the top class email cluster Multi Gigabytes 10g Database ?)

A first decision was won by Oracle against its labor union delegates, who, on a procedure flaw, did not get the opportunity to comment the law text applicability.

However the judge also commented in the decision that the software company ought to promote modern trade union communications.

The case is going to appeal.

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